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  • Perdí mi carnet.  ¿Puedo reponerlo?

    Sí, se cobra 100 Lps para la reposición de un carnet y normalmente está disponible para recolectar dentro de 3 días hábiles en la sede indicado (Tegucigalpa o Valle de Ángeles).

  • ¿Cuántas personas se requieren para recibir el descuento de grupo?

    Para cursos básicos (SVB, EKG, etc.): 12 Para cursos avanzados (SVCA, SVAP): 8

  • ¿Hay consideraciones especiales para grupos?

    Sí, se ofrece un descuento de grupo o la opción de elegir una fecha para un curso no publicado previamente.  Podemos ofrecer cursos los días domingo a viernes.  No ofrecemos cursos los sábados.  Si tiene alguna duda o pregunta al respecto llame al (2232-6810 / 2766-2310) o envíenos un correo a

Frecuently Question & Answer - FAQs

  • How do I sign up?

    Look at the course calendar to find the course you are interested in and that there are spaces available. Deposit your payment for the course amount in the bank: Call our Tegucigalpa Clinic (2232-6810) to get the account number in Ficohsa. Deposit the appropriate amount. Sign up for the class of your choice using the online Sign-up Form to reserve your space in the class you wish to attend.  You should receive an email with additional instructions within a few days of signing up for the class. Take your the receipt for your bank deposit to the Adventist Hospital (in Valle de Angeles or Tegucigalpa) to obtain your book.  Please ...

  • Are there any special considerations for groups?

    Yes, for groups of 12 or more for basic courses or 8 or more for advanced courses, we offer a group discount or the option of selecting a special course date & location.  We can provide classes from Sunday to Friday.  We do not offer classes on Saturday.  If you have any question about this, please call us(2232-6810 / 2766-2310) or send us an email at

  • How much do the courses cost?

    All courses require the use of a book that must be present during the class.  If you are renewing your certification and already own the book(s) required you may select the option for a course without the book(s). EKG: 800 Lps BLS/SVB — 1,600 Lps BLS Renewal (no book) — 1,000 Lps ACLS/SVCA — 3,450 Lps ACLS/SVCA renewal (no book) — 2,250 Lps Renewal of both ACLS and BLS (no books) — 2,950 Lps ACLS with renewal of BLS (only ACLS book included): 4,150 Lps PALS/SVAP — 4,200 Lps Family and Friends CPR — Contact us for a quote for your group

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